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Emilia-Romagna had a sizeable Jewish population, dating back to at least the s. Bologna had a thriving Jewish population – one measure of this is that Jewish history was a taught course in Bologna’s University dating back to

Jump to navigation Jump to search Bologna Emilian: Although it is well known by Italians, it is less so among foreign visitors. Little English is spoken by its residents. It is the capital and largest city of Emilia-Romagna a region in northern Italy. Bologna is famed for the oldest university in the Western world, lively student population, exquisite food, typical brick terracotta-roofed architecture and porticos, theatre and nightlife.

Understand[ edit ] Two towers of Bologna Bologna is famous for its cuisine la cucina Bolognese. It is also viewed as a progressive and well-administered city. It is considered second only to Venice in beauty by many Italians and certainly has one of the largest and best preserved historic centers among Italian cities. Its architecture is noted for its palette of terracotta reds, burnt oranges, and warm yellows, hence the name of Bologna la rossa Bologna the red.

The extensive town center, characterized by miles of attractive covered walkways, known as “porticos,” is one of the best-preserved in Europe. Bologna is the seat of the oldest university in continental Europe, founded in A significant portion of its population consists of away-from-home university students. In common with other Italian university towns, it is in parts marred by excessive graffiti on its historic palaces. History[ edit ] The strategic location of the city molded its history.

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The iconic Due Torri. Porta Maggiore, one of the twelve medieval city gates of Bologna. Depiction of a 14th-century fight between the Guelf and Ghibelline factions in Bologna, from the Croniche of Giovanni Sercambi of Lucca. In , the city was sacked and captured by the Lombard king Liutprand , becoming part of that kingdom. These Germanic conquerors built an important new quarter, called “addizione longobarda” Italian for “Longobard addition” near the complex of St.

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Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email At least two people have been killed and 70 injured after a huge fireball erupted when a lorry and a fuel tanker crashed on a motorway bridge in Bologna, Italy. The powerful blast destroyed part of the bridge and ripped the tanker in two before part of the burning wreckage crashed onto several cars below.

The blaze spread to several cars that are believed to belong to Peugeot and Citroen which also exploded, smashing out windows and sending debris flying. The horrifying incident happened when a tanker containing highly flammable propane or butane smashed into a lorry carrying cars on a bridge. An explosion after a tanker and lorry crashed on a motorway in Bologna Image: A video shot from a parked car at the moment of the explosion appeared to show someone being engulfed by flames when the tanker exploded.

At least 14 people were rushed to hospital with serious injuries following the incident just before 2pm local time 1pm BST in north Italian region. Several people were hurt by flying debris and scores of people were forced to flee their homes as firefighters battled to get the fire under control, reports Ansa.

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The subjects are Romanian Language and Literature and Mathematics and additionally the language of the school for ethnic minority schools or classes and for bi-lingual schools. The passing mark is 5 for each of the exams. Despite the exams are being published and the marks are public, lists being placed both in schools and on the Internet. After the 8th grade, students go to secondary education, for at least two years.

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The iconic Due Torri. Porta Maggiore, one of the twelve medieval city gates of Bologna. Depiction of a 14th-century fight between the Guelf and Ghibelline factions in Bologna, from the Croniche of Giovanni Sercambi of Lucca. In , the city was sacked and captured by the Lombard under King Liutprand , becoming part of that kingdom. These Germanic conquerors built an important new quarter, called “addizione longobarda” Italian for “Longobard addition” near the complex of St.

However Bologna, occupied by Frankish troops in on behalf of the papacy, remained under imperial authority and prospered as a frontier mark of the Carolingian empire. However, when Frederick Barbarossa subsequently attempted to strike down the deal, Bologna joined the Lombard League , which then defeated the imperial armies at the Battle of Legnano and established an effective autonomy at the Peace of Constance in

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Contracting and sales Bologna: Art and History The city of Bologna preserves the traces of past civilisations and the character of medieval splendour. Avidly visited by the Romantic writers and celebrated for the arts and culinary excellence, Bologna is animated by a cosmopolitan culture that is enriched by the presence of the University. In some houses, the traces of even earlier habitations dating from the Iron Age may be discovered. In the fourth century BC, the city was invaded and occupied by the Boii Gauls and in the following century the Romans came to the city and changed its name toBononia.

It retained its prestige throughout the period of the Roman Empire although its decline echoed that of the Empire and its perimeter was gradually reduced. Bologna reached the height of its prestige in the thirteenth century. These family feuds produced a development in the architecture, the urban structure and the cultural life of the city. Bologna’s economic importance dates from the eleventh century when the city became one of the major economic centres of Europe not only due to the foundation of the University, but also because of the development of its cloth industry.

During the nineteenth century, the city serviced an area where the economy was based essentially on agriculture. The eighth centenary celebrations of served also as an attempt to revive the city’s economy by linking it more directly to the University. The , inhabitants live at the most important motorway and railway junction in the country; the historical centre which, after Venice, has remained the most intact of all the Italian cities is surrounded by modern buildings, centres for trade fairs and conferences and new residential areas.

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Contributor Dina Caruso explores the story behind each one. Bologna, the capital city of Italy’s northern Emilia Romagna, often doesn’t make it onto tourist itineraries, but after a year studying here, I can’t imagine living in any other city. I didn’t know much about it before moving – it was the very fact that I had no idea what it would be like that appealed to me. But one of the first things I learned was that Bologna is nicknamed by locals as ‘la dotta, la grassa, la rossa’ the learned, the fat, the red , and that these names come from three characteristics which define the city:

Bologna is the true Italian “foodie” capital renowned worldwide for its cuisine. It’s the hometown of mortadella, tagliatelle, ragu’ and, above all, super delicious tortellini. It’s the hometown of mortadella, tagliatelle, ragu’ and, above all, super delicious tortellini.

The over year-old lambskin scroll measures feet long and 25 inches wide, The Telegraph reports, and includes the first five books of the Jewish bible. While older fragments of Torah have been found, dating even further back to the 7th and 8th centuries, Perani believes this is the oldest complete Torah copy, according to the Los Angeles Times. Its worth could be in the millions. This is “the oldest complete Torah scroll in the world,” Perani told reporters on Tuesday, the Agence France-Presse reports.

Perani noted that this type of ancient Torah copy is rare because the scrolls were often buried when they wore out and “lost their holiness. The scroll likely escaped attention for so long because in the late 19th century, the Torah was incorrectly dated to the 17th century by a scholar named Leonello Modona , according to the BBC. Perani told the Associated Press that he immediately noticed the mistake when he came across the scroll in the Bologna University library this February.

The lambskin has since been subjected to two separate carbon-dating tests, both of which have confirmed its age, according to the AP. His work, part of the Italian Genizah project, has so far cataloged close to 13, fragments of Jewish texts.

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